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I found it hard to find a good doctor practicing Chinese Medicine who you can really trust, and I feel very fortunate to know Dr. Park. Going to see her is different from going to many other clinics where you feel it's just business relationship. In the case of Dr. Park I feel she sincerely cares about my health.

As for knowledge and skills she's really good at Chinese Medicine. She has a Ph.D degree from a top Chinese Medicine school in China. With her treatment I do feel my health condition is consistently improving. I remember the first time she gave me a formula, I sent it to a really good Chinese Medicine doctor of my parents in China. He said he could tell Dr. Park is really good just from reading her herbal prescription. This doctor even said Dr. Park is better than many Chinese medicine doctor he knew in China!

Overall I'd strongly encourage anyone believing in the power of Chinese Medicine to give Dr. Park a try.

You won't regret! :D

- QH Liu

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