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About us

Serving Puget Sound Area and Internationally since 2004

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Formerly known as Sound Acupuncture & Herbs, We started Jima Institute of Holistic Medicine with our passion for spreading the natural healing power. 

We specialize in treatments for various pain conditions, allergies, ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, skin problems, sleep disorders, stress related symptoms, fertility enhancement and women's health. 

We are passionate to promote our wellness classes and continuing education for the community as well as healthcare providers. 

Our founders, including Dr. Kay Park, DAOM, Ph.D has been known for her expertise of treating various conditions, including autoimmune disorders, psychological and emotional stress, etc. with natural healing methods. 

As a 3rd generation Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Park believes strongly in patient education, and she’s committed to helping her patients understand their medical and health issues as well as the steps they can take to improve their health, reduce their risks of disease, and enjoy an optimal quality of life. At Jima Institute of Holistic Medicine, we don't just treat the symptoms. We Treat the Root by taking time and listening to our patients' inner voices. 

We value the opportunity to forge long-term relationships with our patients, providing individualized care and guidance throughout every stage of life.

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