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Notoginseng Powder

Notoginseng Powder

  • 100% Pure NotoGinseng Root. 
  • Great for speeding up healing from trauma and injuries. 
  • Helps promote and maintain a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system. 
  • No sugar, additives, or other preservatives added. 
  • Notoginseng (Panax notoginseng) is a medicinal plant cultivated in the Southern Chinese provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan, where it’s called tien chi or san chi.


Product info: Notoginseng 100% (GMP certified, product of China), 50g/container.

Recommended use: Take 1 teaspoon in 4-8 oz of warm water, stirring well, 1-2 times daily. 

Caution: Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Do not take with blood thinnng medications and aspirin. Please consult with your healthcare professional prior to taking this product. 



**Individual results may vary; not to treat or diagnose but this information is for educational purpose; consult with your health care provider regarding the proper use and therapeutic effects of the herb.

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