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Customized Chinese Herbal Medicine

Customized Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Backed by science, this 100% customized Chinese herbal medicine is to address your conditions and furthermore to treat the root. Only the highest quality of herbs are selected, formulated and decocted for your optimal health. A 3rd generation Oriental medicine doctor and a master herbalist Dr Kay Park, DAOM will carefully examine your case to bring the best therapeutic results for you and your loved ones. Dr. Park has been known for her successful treatment of conditions like anxiety, depression, infertility, skin conditions, sleep disorders and various pain conditions. 

Most conditions show improvement only with 1-2 courses of this form of Chinese herbal medicine. 

Conveniently packaged to drink out of individually packaged pouches. Typically comes in 60 pouches to consume for 1 month (2 pouches per day for 30 days).

    3 Fluid ounces
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